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YOKOHAMA tyres is a Japanese brand created in 1917 through a partnership between the company YOKOHAMA CABLE MANUFACTURING CO.LTD (currently known as FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO, LTD) and the US manufacturer BF GOODRICH. YOKOHAMA employs more than 18,000 employees worldwide. Tyre's production plants are located in Asia. YOKOHAMA tyres are known for their presence in the world of sports automobile. YOKOHAMA tyres are produced for a wide range of vehicles: luxury cars such as Aston Martin, AMG, Bentley, Lotus or Porsche, passenger cars, 4x4, trucks and their tyres are also produced in sports competitions. According to the German magazine Neue Reifenzeitung in 2013, YOKOHAMA is the 8th tyre manufacturer in the world.

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