The origins of Uniroyal Tyres began in 1892 in Naugatuck, USA. Formerly known as the United States Rubber Company, the company changed its name to Uniroyal Inc. in 1961. From 1967 all products of this manufacturer are produced under the Uniroyal brand. In the 1960s was introduced one of the most popular Uniroyal’s products - the Tiger Paw tyre. This line of tyres is still manufactured today. Uniroyal Tyres made an alliance with Englebert - the Belgian group in 1958. The main goal of this cooperation was to start the operations in Europe. Uniroyal was bought by French tyre corporation Michelin in 1990. This deal was valued at about 1.5 billion dollars. Nowadays Michelin provides production of Uniroyal tyres in the United States. In Europe, tyres manufacture is handled by Continental AG. 28,000 workers were employed by Michelin North America in 1993. They started production in 18 plants, in the number of States such as Alabama, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Carolina etc.