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Tyre price comparison service in Ireland
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Compare SUV tyre prices and find the best 4x4 tyre deals in Ireland

Why should I use this 4x4 tyre price comparison website?

When you buy 4x4 tyres online, you notice that the tyre dealers pricing varies a lot. The higher the tyre prices, the greater the price differentials between tyre dealers. Especially SUV tyres and 4x4 tyres are highly impacted by these differences because they are more expensive than standard car tyres. For that reason we can often come across price differentials up to 80€ for the same tyre, a quite significant gap!

Moreover, tyre prices for 4x4 tyres fluctuate very much. Sometimes, SUV tyre prices change drastically just within an hour. Therefore, it seems impossible to manually compare all the deals in order to find the best SUV tyres in Ireland without a tyre comparison website.

Tyrecomp helps you find the tyre price that suits you best! We compare the tyre prices of the main tyre dealers in Ireland and offer a large selection of SUV and 4x4 tyres at the best price.

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What are the cheapest 4x4 tyres in Ireland?

Off-road drivers who use their vehicle occasionally might want to buy budget 4x4 tyres. However, keep in mind that cheap SUV tyres are often poor in performance. By using low-price 4x4 tyres you might burn more fuel, lose in tyre durability and also in driving stability. Moreover, if you look for quiet 4x4 tyres, cheap tyres are rarely the best solution.

Therefore, when you buy a 4x4 or SUV tyre, you should not only consider the price. Pay attention to the tyre’s aquaplaning resistance, the handling performance, the braking quality, etc. You can balance these criteria depending on your priorities but remember to look for the best value 4x4 tyres instead of getting the cheapest 4x4 tyres!

How can I find cheap 4x4 tyres or SUV tyres?

On you can find the best SUV tyres for all seasons and with the best value for money. You simply need to enter your tyre dimensions in our search engine and immediately you will find the best 4x4 tyre deals online. To do so, you just need to look for the following markings on your tyre’s sidewall or in your car documents: tyre width, height, and diameter along with load index and speed rating. Take particular care to respect those last two indexes because some 4x4 tyres for sale have the same dimensions as standard tyres.

You can still use and fit standard tyres if they comply with the dimensions, load index and speed rating and of course if you have planned to drive on-road.

For any remaining questions about off-road tyres, have a look at our guide. In this section, we also give practical tips to help you choose and maintain your 4x4 tyres.

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How do I compare 4x4 tyre prices on Tyrecomp?

Once you have entered your tyre dimensions in the search boxes of our SUV tyre comparison website, click on “Search”. The tyre search engine will display a list of all our partner dealer’s tyre prices.

All the prices of the SUV tyre models corresponding to the dimensions you entered are listed in ascending order. This way the cheapest 4x4 tyres are displayed at the beginning of the list. Refine your search by using our filters. If you look for a 4x4 tyre brand in particular, you can choose it in the left column. It is also possible to compare tyre prices by season, tyre dealer and price range.

If you want to compare the best 4x4 tyre prices of a single tyre model, just click on the model’s name and you will get an overview of all current offers.

Once you have found your 4x4 tyres at the best price, click on “Visit store”. You will be redirected to the tyre dealer’s online shop where you can buy your new 4x4 tyres. You might even find 4x4 tyre discount codes.

What 4x4 tyres should I buy?

What is the difference between 4x4 tyres and SUV tyres?

In general we use the term “4x4” for off-road vehicles. These vehicles come with a four-wheel drive system, meaning that all four wheels are functioning simultaneously. Unlike 4x4 cars in general, SUVs are mainly used on the road and less for off-road driving. However, some models also come with a four-wheel drive system and electronic devices that make driving on all types of terrains possible. Moreover, just as 4x4 vehicles, SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) have a higher ground clearance, they are more spacious and heavier than standard passenger vehicles. This type of vehicle allows you to travel with more space and comfort as well as to carry or to tow heavy loads.

Although 4x4 cars and SUVs do not possess the same features, we use the expressions 4x4 tyres and SUV tyres for both types of vehicles. As a matter of fact, on the tyre dealers’ websites, these two terms are often used as synonyms. There is one thing we know for sure: whether you want to buy tyres for your 4x4 or your SUV, you will find the tyre that suits your driving style the most on our tyre comparison website!

What tyres are suitable for my 4x4 or SUV car?

In order to decide what tyre corresponds to your 4x4 or SUV car, you first need to know on which terrain you will drive on. There are three main types of 4x4 tyres according to different driving surfaces.

Road tyres (HT tyres)

As SUV cars are mainly used in urban areas, they are mostly sold with 4x4 road tyres, also called highway-terrain tyres. That is why you will often see the abbreviation H/T on this type of tyre. We recommend buying road tyres for an 80% road/20% off-road use.

All terrain tyres (AT tyres)

All-terrain tyres are the most universal 4x4 tyres. They are perfect for both on-road and off-road use. You will find them under different names: mixed tyres, 4x4 50/50 tyres and all-terrain tyres. That is why you will often see the abbreviation A/T on this type of tyre. We recommend buying all-terrain tyres for a balanced use: 50% road/50% off-road.

Off road tyres (MT tyres)

Whether we call them mud-terrain tyres, off-road tyres or mud tyres, they are designed for driving on difficult grounds such as country or muddy terrains. That is why, you will often see the abbreviation M/T on this type of tyre. We recommend buying off-road tyres for a 20% road/80% off-road use.

Tips for 4x4 winter tyres

Please note that even if 4x4 tyres are used for off-road purposes, they do not replace winter tyres. Tests have proven that winter tyres are more effective in winter conditions than 4x4 tyres, thanks to their rubber and tread pattern. Therefore, in addition to the three main 4x4 tyre categories, there is a section for SUV winter tyres and 4x4 snow tyres. So, if the weather takes a turn for the worst, make sure you fit winter tyres!

What are the best 4x4 and SUV tyre brands?

Among the major 4x4 tyre brands are premium brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental and Pirelli, intermediary brands known for their off-road tyres, such as Yokohama, Nokian and BF Goodrich, and not to mention 4x4 budget tyres from General Tire and retread 4x4 tyres.

Michelin 4x4 Tyres Goodyear 4x4 Tyres Bridgestone 4x4 Tyres Dunlop 4x4 Tyres Continental 4x4 Tyres Pirelli 4x4 Tyres

If you want to compare tyre brands, do not hesitate to check 4x4 tyre tests and the best SUV tyre reviews conducted by reputed organisations such as ADAC or TCS. The website summarises these 4x4 tyre reviews to help you find the best SUV tyres in no time.

Where can I get my 4x4 tyres and SUV tyres fitted near me?

You found the best price for your tyres with our 4x4 comparison website and want to buy your SUV tyres online? First, make sure you also find a partner fitting centre who agrees to fit this type of tyre. No all the garages offer 4x4 tyre fitting because of the imposing size of 4x4 cars and tyres, implying a suitable fitting equipment.

If the tyre website on which you buy your tyres does not specify where you can have your SUV tyres fitted, first check the information about the rim maximum size accepted by the garage. Once you have found a fitting centre that complies with this condition, contact them to make sure that the 4x4 tyre fitting is possible.

If you have any questions about our SUV and 4x4 tyre comparison website or if you want to leave us a comment, feel free to use our contact form. We will be happy to help you!