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Who is the MICHELIN Alpin 5 for ?

If you are looking for a good winter tire, the MICHELIN Alpin 5 is it. Its performance on dry roads is good, but it has received even better recommendations on wet, ice and snow. To top that, fuel efficiency and tire life are remarkable. The downside to this tire is the poor noise level. But if that isn't a concern for you, then this is an impressive option.

Strong Aspects

  • Very good on wet roads
  • Very good icy and snowy pavements
  • Very good fuel consumption and tire lifespan
  • Good on dry pavements

Weak Aspects

  • Poor noise level

Technical Aspects

In the MICHELIN Alpin 5, the number of tread blocks, sipes and void ratios have all been increased leading to better snow traction. The lateral grooves have changed orientation to a lateral position which increase resistance to acquaplanning. 3D sipes allow for improved steering precision with the self-blocking tread blocks.

Tested by
2015 winter tyre review

Original notes 46%

Tested with the following dimensions:
  • 205 55 R16 91H


The MICHELIN Alpin 5 (in the dimension: 205/55 R16 91H) was tested by the independent Swiss tire reviewer in its research of winter tires for 2015 and awarded a mention of “recommended.” The astounding performances on wet, snow and ice were what made the tire get a final grade of 46%. The great lifespan and fuel consumption also contributed to the 3/5 stars received.