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Tyre price comparison service in Ireland
Tyre price comparison service in Ireland
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Compare prices to buy your truck tyres cheaper thanks to Tyrecomp

If you are shipping goods across Ireland, you are steering a bus in Dublin or you are working at a construction site all day long, for each circumstance you need quality lorry tyres. Nevertheless, truck tyres are the most expensive tyres and therefore, if you do not want to break the bank, comparing prices on Tyrecomp.ie is indispensable. Our comparison site will help you spend less money and still find quality truck tyres, so that you never have to worry about mileage, load or off-road stresses.

Why should I compare lorry tyre prices online?

The price to have your truck fully equipped with tyres is quite high if you consider that the price for a single lorry tyre is already at least six times as high as the price for a regular car tyre. Moreover, prices for commercial truck tyres may change by the hour, preventing us to be constantly up to date. How not getting lost in the search for lorry tyres when prices change constantly?

We make sure you save money and time by offering you a constantly updated truck tyre comparison. Find the best price for your new tyres at any moment with Tyrecomp, we will never disappoint you!

How can I find truck tyre deals on Tyrecomp?

Enter the dimensions as well as the load and speed ratings of your truck tyres in the search engine above. Please note that you can search for a single tyre but not for dual tyres. Then click on “Search” and go through the list of prices, ordered from the cheapest to the most expensive commercial truck tyres.

If you do not know the exact dimensions of your tyres, you can find them on your current tyres or in the documents of your truck.

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How do I compare truck and trailer tyres on Tyrecomp?

If you look for the lorry tyre prices of a particular brand, you can choose it in the left column. You can also filter by season and tyre dealer. If your priority is budget, you might find it interesting to be able to set up a price range. Once you have chosen your ideal commercial truck tyre, click on “Visit store” to be redirected to our partner’s online shop so you can complete your purchase.

Are cheap truck tyres any good?

Budget truck tyres often have reduced performance. They are less able to withstand heavy loads and are not as resistant to wear and tear as their peers. That is why you should not always choose the cheapest truck tyres that appear at the top of our price list. Instead, look for the best value for money. However, your budget remains important, and that is why we are committed to help you find the price that suits your wallet!

How to choose the right tyres for my lorry?

Pick your truck tyres according to the axle

Each axle has its own type of tyre! There are three main types of axles: the steer axle, the drive axle and the trailer axle. The tyres fitted on these axles are affected differently by load and rolling resistance stresses, depending on their position on the vehicle. Consequently, the tread patterns of lorry tyres vary: the ones on the drive axle usually having a higher tread pattern than the other tyres.

Steer axle tyres

The steer axle is located at the first position at the front of the truck. It enables the wheels to steer themselves in the direction the lorry is going. For this type of axle, you need to fit “S” (Steer) tyres, also called “F” (Front). With “S” truck tyres, you will be able to steer your vehicle over the miles with a proper load capacity.

Drive axle tyres

Right behind the steer axle is the drive axle, located at the second position of the vehicle. The drive axle tyres have a “D” (Drive) tread pattern. Drive tyres will be able to support the weight of your trailer without any problems.

Trailer axle tyres

The trailer axle is located at the back of the trailer, hence the name. The tyres fitted on this type of axle are then driven by the movement of the truck and support the weight of the trailer in addition to the other wheels. Make sure you fit “T” tyres (Trailer) on this axle. Their greater load and speed ratings enable the lorry to support heavy loads and drive a good mileage, significant criteria when you tow a trailer during hours or even days.

Please note that you can also fit “A” or “Z” (All-position) tyres on all three types of axle. They are made to fit any position on the truck but may have lower performance than the S, D and T tyres. In any case, there is one golden rule: make sure that you fit tyres with the same tread pattern on each axle!

Choose your lorry tyres considering the driving conditions

If the type of axle is paramount when choosing commercial lorry tyres, so is the use you will make of your tyres. Whether you drive freight and construction trucks or buses, each type of vehicle needs tyres suited to the driving conditions. From long haul tyres, to on/off-road tyres or urban tyres, there is a tyre for every lorry driver!

Lorry long haul tyres

Let us drive on motorways across Ireland with the long-haul tyres! Mainly made for 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers that often carry freight and cargo loads over many miles, this type of tyre is also designed to withstand wear and face rolling resistance. When you choose long-haul tyres pay attention to their fuel efficiency to save money and respect the environment. From Dublin to Cork or from Galway to Wexford, these tyres will take you anywhere!

Lorry regional tyres

When you have to drive shorter distances, truck regional tyres are the perfect match! They can cope with regular accelerations and stops while being resistant over the time and providing great handling. So, if you have a semi-trailer, a tanker truck or similar, regional tyres will go wherever you go.

Urban tyres for trucks

Urban tyres are ideal for heavy-duty vehicle travel in the city. Whether you drive a bus or a garbage truck, they can deal with the many stops you will make to pick up passengers or collect waste. Benefiting from reinforced flanks, urban tyres are also designed to face curbing. With the urban tyres, you and your passengers will no longer have to worry about your safety!

On/off-road and construction tyres

As the name suggests, these tyres are very versatile! Whether you want to drive on the road or on steeper soils such as dirt and gravel, these tyres will not let you down. The dump truck tyres are especially subject to these off-road driving constraints and therefore have excellent traction and a tough casing to face cuts and tears.

Truck winter tyres

You have to travel on snow-capped roads? Do not forget to fit winter tyres on your lorry! Marked with “M+S” or with the “3PMSF” symbol, they are designed for low temperatures and snowy roads. Even though they are not mandatory in Ireland, by fitting them you will get a better vehicle manoeuvrability, a great braking capacity and an increased driving comfort during winter.

What are the best truck tyre brands in Ireland?

You can trust in brands renowned for the quality of their tyres such as Michelin and Goodyear. You can also look at manufactures who are specialised in commercial truck tyres, such as Samson and Americus. In any case you will be able to find and compare these brands and some others on our truck tyre comparison website.
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Where can I get my commercial truck tyres fitted near me?

After you have chosen your truck tyres on Tyrecomp, you will have to get them fitted. You will find lists of partner fitting centres directly on the tyre dealers’ websites. However, be aware that most of the garages are equipped to fitting tyres on regular cars but not necessarily on trucks. In addition, fitting rates vary from one garage to another and are not the same depending on whether you want to equip a construction truck or a heavy-duty lorry. You will therefore need to contact the garage beforehand in order to check whether they can fit your tyres and give you a quote.

To learn more about commercial truck tyres, check out our buying guide. We are also at your disposal via our contact form to help you compare tyre prices and purchase your new lorry tyres online. Have a safe trip!