QINGDAO FULLRUN TYRE CORP is a Chinese company specialized in the design and manufacturing of tyres for the Chinese market as well as for foreign markets (90% of their exports). FULLRUN is the largest tyres' exporter in China. The company's production volume is 10 million tyres per year . FULLRUN tyres are mainly high performant tyres with a diameter of 18 and 32 inches. This company established in 2003 bases its succes on the research and development of its products . FULLRUN has many tyre brands and more than 30 patents. QINGDAO FULLRUN TYRE CORP owns several brands : FULLRUN, ANTYRE, CLEAR and FULLWAY. FULLRUN tyres are certified ISO9000: 2000, CCC, DOT, INMETRO, NOM, GCC, ECE, E-mark and S-Mark. FULLRUN tyres are designed for passenger cars, sports cars, utility vehicles, 4x4 and heavy trucks. The company also manufactures FULLRUN tyres for winter.