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DUNLOP tyres

DUNLOP tyres

DUNLOP is a Brittish brand of tyres owned partially by the company the Goodyear tyre Company. The brand is present in different regions of the world, DUNLOP brand is used by many subsidiaries of the company, for example in India, DUNLOP India Ltd is managed by the Ruia group. In Africa and the rest of Asia, the brand is carried by the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries. The history of DUNLOP tyres started in 1888 when John Boyd DUNLOP manufactured the first tyre with liquid rubber. In fact these first tyres were made for a tricycle. The goal was that Boyd's son could ride his tricycle in the most comfortable way. Innovation was born from a simple need. The company DUNLOP has a wide network of manufacturing plants around the world. But in May 2014, DUNLOP took the decision of not producing tyres in the UK , DUNLOP decided to focus solely on the commercial part and import tyres from its other plants in Poland, Slovenia and China. DUNLOP is the tyre supplier for many motor sport competitions such as: the British Touring Championship, V8 Supercars Championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, Japanese Super GT Series

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