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Who is the CONTINENTAL ContiWinter Contact TS850 for?

The CONTINENTAL ContiWinter Contact TS850 is a winter tire, with all around outstanding test grading. It is marked by excellent security features and outstanding lifespan. The tire does very well on different situations, spanning from dry to wet, snowy icy pavement. It has average noise level, which is normal in this type of tire. All in all, the CONTINENTAL ContiWinter Contact TS850 is a great option as a tire for the winter season.

Strong Aspects

  • Outstanding tire lifespan
  • Very good on dry and wet pavement alike
  • Very good on snow and ice
  • Very good fuel consumption

Weak Aspects

  • Average noise level, like others in the class

Technical Aspects

This tire is equipped with a unique compound which allows it extreme grip even to the toughest surfaces, combining with fast response to breaking. The more flattened design of the CONTINENTAL ContiWinter Contact TS850 gives it optimal breaking and handling in all wintry road situations.

Tested by
2015 winter tyre review

Original notes 63%

Tested with the following dimensions:
  • 205 55 R16 91H


The TCS independent researcher has analyzed the conditions of the CONTINENTAL ContiWinter Contact TS850 in its 2015 Winter Tire Test. The test was done with 2 different tire dimensions, with unknown car brands and models. The first, 165/70 R14 81T had 56 % grade, and was awarded 3/5 stars or « recommended.» The other size, 205/55 R16 91H was graded 70 %. At 4/5 stars, and « very recommended, » only the category investigating performance on ice changed from good to very good.The tire has done an all around good job with its excellent lifespan, very good performances in dry, wet, snowy and icy pavement and very good fuel consumption. It is a very good tire for extreme weather conditions, deserving its high marks..